The Show Choir X (Parents Choir) is back!

We are very excited to officially announce the coming back of The Show Choir X (Parents Choir) at Red Vocal Academy! The first launch of our Parents Choir last year turned out to be a great success, all parents and students enjoyed performing together in the heart-warming Christmas season. Thank you for all your support!


We hope to recruit more music-loving families this year to spread the Christmas joy in the city. Same as last year, members of The ShowChoir X (Parents Choir) will have the opportunity to perform with your child during Magical Christmas Series in December.

Rehearsal Schedule:
Date & Time: Every Thursday 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Venue: Red Vocal Academy (Island Campus)

Class Period: 12 October to 21 December 2017 
(Joint-rehearsal with children: 7, 14 & 21 December 2017)

Rehearsal fee: $1,580

Conditions of joining The Show Choir X (Parents Choir):

- Your child must be an active student at Red Vocal Academy and his/her school fee period must be valid at least till   31 December 2017.

- Due to limited vacancies, each student has TWO quotas for his/her parents to enroll to the Choir.

- If you decide to have your child joining your performance as well, he/she MUST attend at least two sessions of the

  joint rehearsals. 

Application deadline: 3 October (Tuesday)

We only have 40 vacancies (first-come-first-serve basis) for this exciting project! 
Take action and sign-up NOW!

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