We strive to bring about a revolution in music history, by introducing new concepts into music shows, and by making our every performance highly professional, entertaining and inspiring. For this, we established The Show Choir Hong Kong, a choir that emphasises both performing and technical training. During the rehearsals, apart from teaching music knowledge, we also stress on training performance skills so as to boost the quality of each and every performer, in the hope of creating the best show choir experience for our audiences.


Red Vocal Academy adopts an all-round vocal method - in addition to classical vocal techniques and methods, contemporary developments in pop music and culture are also incorporated into our curriculum. Our students have performed for various organizations and charities including The Ronald McDonald House, Elsie Tu Education Fund and Caring For Children Foundation, and have worked with world-renowned stars such as Lang Lang and Eason Chan. Moreover, in 2012, a selected group of outstanding students traveled to Los Angeles upon invitation for an exchange performance. In 2016, over 120 of our students have recorded in our first Christmas album - Red Christmas, it has also reached HMV Chart No.4. Red Vocal Academy aspires to provide an innovative music education and take vocal music in Hong Kong to new heights!

Established in 2010 and founded by Horace Mui, Red Vocal Academy aims at providing a learning platform for music lovers. We designed an organised and diverse curriculum which marks a breakthrough in classical vocal training history. We hope to introduce different music genres to students and help them build a solid foundation, and equip them with up-to-date knowledge and concepts in music.

  • To broaden perspectives and knowledge of our students by providing all-round music education

  • To keep our students abreast of developments in the field

  • To maintain the flexibility to adapt course content to suit the interests and needs of our students

  • To provide hands-on musical training and train students to deliver professional music performances



Horace Mui, the Founder and Director of Red Vocal Academy, is one of the few experts in pop music, vocalist, conductor and educator in Hong Kong. During his secondary school life in Diocesan Boys' School, under his leadership, the school choir has won more than 20 championships in solo and choir competitions; Educated at Indiana University, Mui has participated in numerous world class productions, such as the national-tour performance with Grammy-Awards nominee The Singing Hoosiers, recording of the soundtrack Magical Musicals featuring music from Disney's movies with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra for global distribution etc.

Returning Hong Kong in 2002, Mui was active in participating musical performances of various genres and educational activities, and aims at promoting high-quality vocal and musical culture. His unique method of teaching, which contains a fusion of traditional and pop music and is more focused on developing performer's own style. In the past, Mui himself and his students had been invited to hundreds of performances, including international brands and companies e.g. HSBC, Salvatore Ferragamo, Motorola, KPMG etc.; with Mui's guidance, students had opportunities of performing with famous artists like Lang Lang, Eason Chan, Sally Yeh, Sammi Cheng, Hins Cheung, G.E.M., and Westlife, and as a special guest in the US National Show Choir Championships in 2012.


Mui hopes to inspire Hong Kong young people to pursue their dreams through music education, unearth new talents and help them develop their careers as creative artists. Apart from performances in recent years, he brought about many music projects, including the establishment of Red Vocal Academy in 2009, and the introduction of the Show Choir Hong Kong which is inspired by American Show Choirs in the same year. Through his active promotion of music in the local community, Mui wishes to pass his passion for music from one generation to the next.



Founder and Director of

Red Vocal Academy 

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